The presence of Helios PV (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd plays a role

As part of Helios Group’s expansion strategy, our Asia Pacific solutions business was formed to extend our system designs and services to countries in Asia. With a team located in Singapore, we design the PV systems with multiple technology partners to deliver creative, sustainable and cost effective solutions from buildings to planned solar farms (LSS) and urban to rural settings.

We try to balance both public policy and private participation of industry players and clients and offer a range of solutions that best fit the local needs.

We pledge to shape our presence in the eyes of global market as a long term serious player who will deliver quality that surpass the client’s’ expectations with innovation and integrity from start to completion. Our experienced professionals will ensure that every client, comprehends their vision along with quality that last a lifetime.



The incorporation of Helios Photovoltaic Sdn Bhd in 2010 comes with a mission to battle global warming and reduce carbon emission build-up by providing clean energy solutions. Helios is ever ready to roll-out new and innovative solutions and aims to be one of the pre-eminent Solar System Integrator of grid-connected, off-grid solutions and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV).

We can offer custom designs or use our universal systems to cater for sectors ranging from utility, government and commercial across Malaysia and South East Asia. Our offerings range from delivering effective solar power solutions to clients through design and build, engineering procuring and construction or consulting and project management.

Talk to our team about  installing a complete solar system engineering solution and we will help you understand our other services and offerings such as specialized solar system maintenance and solar system monitoring services.

Certified with ISO certification 9001-2008 and equipped with CIDB Grade G7 and  Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK), our motto in achieving success is through open communication, respect, accountability and sound project management. We are committed to teamwork that harvest mutual positive relationships with employees, clients and subcontractors.


We offer solar leasing proposals to eligible customers. We will invest, operate and maintain the solar systems at our own cost. With a minimal upfront investment the customers can have a system designed and installed on their roofs.

Customers will only pay for the green energy consumed which would be metered and billed at either a fixed rate or a discounted rate pegged to prevailing electricity tariff.

This leasing contracts will help our customer’s hedge against  future higher electricity tariff rate.  It can run for up to 25 years.

In Singapore, we also offer a Space rental scheme whereby upon inspection, we could be interested to rent your roof and install our PV panels. The PV Green Energy produced would be sold to customers with the motivation to consume and reduce the reliance in fossil fuel power generation.

Both solar leasing and solar roof rental contract could help to reduce carbon footprint of the buildings and contribute to the customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility.