We offer solar leasing proposals to eligible customers. We will invest, operate and maintain the solar systems at our own cost. With a minimal upfront investment the customers can have a system designed and installed on their roofs.

Customers will only pay for the green energy consumed which would be metered and billed at either a fixed rate or a discounted rate pegged to prevailing electricity tariff.

This leasing contracts will help our customer’s hedge against  future higher electricity tariff rate.  It can run for up to 25 years.

In Singapore, we also offer a Space rental scheme whereby upon inspection, we could be interested to rent your roof and install our PV panels. The PV Green Energy produced would be sold to customers with the motivation to consume and reduce the reliance in fossil fuel power generation.

Both solar leasing and solar roof rental contract could help to reduce carbon footprint of the buildings and contribute to the customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility.